Car today, Computer tommorrow

Today was fun. Today I found out why rogue DHCP servers are very bad for a corperate environment.

In other news my power supply melted. Well not the PSU itself just the conector on the mother board. I think my other components are fine but I'm now down one motherboard. Currently posting on my old Celeron 500Mhz.

Sigh no WoW for me.

Still maybe this is a sign that it's time for an upgrade.
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Time for an update


Nah just kidding. Anyway I wanted say thanks to bovinator, groovemerchent, mickachu and my two other non-live journal friends (as far I know) dustpuppy and pallydon. A weekend of birthday LANing really helps cheer a guy up. The fact that this happened a week ago will hopefully not dull the comment :P.

Other than that things are still quiet. I get up, go to work, come home, and sleep. Rinse and repeat.
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Has it been 5 weeks already?

Geez doesn't time go quickly. For anyone who doesn't know, I started working in Sydney recently. It's been a busy time for me and I haven't really got around to putting finger to key much, well at least in the live-journal sense anyway.

I moved in with my brother in Sydney. He's a nice guy and likes to party so at least I have someone to show me the nightlife when I feel like it. However he's gone three weeks out of six, sometimes longer, so it does get a bit lonely. However I like my space and my time so I don't really mind. Heck I don't really notice most of the time.

Work is pretty good at the moment but I started in a busy period. I'm officially employed as an IT infrastructure technician but in actual fact I'm more of an IT tape monkey than anything else. Heh that’s not entirely true I suppose, I do a lot of other small things as well. At the moment I'm trying to take some of the load off the other guys by working my way through the software installs, MS outlook fixes, hardware installations and the like.

I haven't had much time off lately as I sometime work back with the other guys doing disk imaging on the PCs and notebooks. It's not hard, all I do is copy a users data to my networked external drive, re-image the machine, set-up Outlook, install any other software that’s not on the image and then copy the user data back, ad infinitum. This will probably finish soon however, as everything is almost done.

Travelling is what's eating most of my time. I get up 6:00am, leave at 6:50, take a train then a bus and get to work at 8:15. True, to most Sydneyites that’s probably not bad, but to a country kid coming to the city it's a bit annoying. Still I don't really hate it as it gives me time to read. I really like reading. On a good day I get home about 6:30pm.

I was travelling to the train station by car for about two weeks but then it was stolen. I had all the doors locked but you’d be surprised at how ineffectual that is when then just smash a window instead. Still I got it back three days later and it should only cost about $300 to fix (I hope). That is of course not counting the $270 dollars I already payed to get it towed. They stole everything inside the car, this includes:

All the cassettes, but not the player (cause its broken and pretty crappy anyway)
My mobile car charger that was only worth a few bucks
My $5 dollar sunshade
My dash map that was GLUED to the dash
And my jumper cables, but not my spare tire thank the stars

Luckily they didn't break anything for the sole purpose of breaking it, so apart from the damage they caused when breaking in and driving, it’s not too bad. Funny thing is when it was stolen I didn't really get angry, just kinda of blank. I always knew it would get stolen (Well if I had really known I probably would have driven it in) so I wasn't too surprised when it was gone.

My Internet connection is pretty bad at the moment. I'm still connecting through my parents dial up so it's pretty slow and laggy. I've decided that now would be a good time to switch to broadband. I've been hunting around and I like what iinet has to offer. It’s a 1.5-megabit connection with download limit of 10 gigs during normal hours and 10 gigs for the off-hours. It's only $50 per month when you bundle it with an iiphone POTS connection. What's even better value is that my brother pays for half as long I set up a house wide wireless network for him.

The thing that’s really got me hooked though was the free upgrade to 12 megabits once iinet installs their own DSLAM into the local exchange. This is slated for first quater 2006 but I'll be surprised if it happens anytime during that year.

Well that’s about it for the moment.

Expect the next update in a few months (years) I suppose. Heh.

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Recovered, Sort of

Well I spent most of last night trying to recover the drive. I was able to get some of the files (or least the data, Thank you hex editor) off intact but most them were kaput. It seems both fats were corrupted so I can't recover the file system either :(.

Luckily I was able to reconstruct most of the important data. I used BadCopy Pro and GetBackData. BadCopy Pro is good because it recovers almost everything, but renames everything file01.doc, file02.png excreta. GetBackData was a better program; it got most of the same stuff but kept the file names :).

This is merely another case of not practising what you preach. Back up, Back up and Back up again.
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How to humiliate your self in one easy grad program

I applied for a grad program not too long ago. It's with Centerlink and there are 60 positions available. I actually got a phone interview and absolutely stuffed it up, yet they have still invited me back for testing. Of course this testing is held over 3 days with one day holding two tests. With that many people going those 60 jobs are looking very meagre indeed. So many smart people, so few jobs, and then there is me.

This is simply a long-winded explanation about just how friggen nervous I am already. I'm dreading next Thursday.
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You can never go back

I went to Mudgee today to do a bit of shopping and have a bit of fun. While I was there I picked up a copy of the 1980's Astroboy and while good it still doesn't compare to the memories of childhood *sigh*. The stories are cheesy and mostly nonsensical but I still enjoy them.

On closer inspection to the date I realized I should have gone to Bathurst for the computer fair. Dang.
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Orange is your Lightsaber color.

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I'm bored at the moment and I'm enjoying it immensely.

I suppose I'll play WoW later but at the moment I think I'll just veg.

I wonder if I should review the work manual for my new job on tuesday? Bah there is still more than enough days left.
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Post the first

Hello and welcome to ME. :)

I'm going to the Starwars opening tonight. Huzzah.

Thats about it for the moment.

Yeah I know that was bad but I hope to improve :>.